Villa Amore 4

We do not provide you just rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into our Airbnb and enjoy a refreshing, rejuvenating, day-off with us.

Room Specifications

Villa Amore is the ultimate holiday experience of tranquility and magic, Villa Amore 4 is a double room studio and is located in Karterados village in Santorini Island, just 10 minutes from the center of Fira.

Our studio is designed to offer accommodation in comfort and relaxation in Santorini. Experience affordable luxury living with all the modern facilities. Discover the historic island of Santorini and get into today’s cosmopolitan way of life.

Our rooms are in a convenient and quiet location close to the market, restaurants, and Fira the center of Santorini. Some of our amenities consist of:



Air Conditioning

Free Street Parking

Luggage Dropoff

À la carte Breakfast

Extra Facilities

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